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Josephine Bennett,
Hartford's "City Mother"
Sand Hogs--
Black Workers on strike in 1904
Colonel Colt's Plantation
Women of
the Prison Brigade
Solidarity and Seventy-five Cents
Sam Clemens, Union Man
"An Irishman can only be a traitor to Ireland"
Rising Tide: Steamboat Workers on the Connecticut River
One Big Union
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Factory Girls
AKA Jim Pembroke
Black Baseball in Hartford
"We Refuse to Starve Quietly"
Red Emma
"Our Struggle for Living Wages and Better Conditions"
Paul Robeson: Standing Up and Fighting Back
Bound for Glory: Woody Guthrie Sings to Hartford
Obituary for Mechanic Street
John Brown and the "Negro in the Dark"
Malcolm X in Hartford
The Labor Holiday
Octopus of the Wires
The Red Menace
Peace Work with a Union Label
Union Brew
The Shoemaker and the Fish Peddler
No Room at the Inn:
Race Discrimination in Hartford