Big Rock Candy Mountain
Josephine Bennett,
Hartford's "City Mother"
Sand Hogs--
Black Workers on strike in 1904
Colonel Colt's Plantation
Women of
the Prison Brigade
Solidarity and Seventy-five Cents
"An Irishman can only be a traitor to Ireland"
Rising Tide: Steamboat Workers on the Connecticut River
One Big Union
Factory Girls
AKA Jim Pembroke
Black Baseball in Hartford
"We Refuse to Starve Quietly"
Red Emma
"Our Struggle for Living Wages and Better Conditions"
Paul Robeson: Standing Up and Fighting Back
Bound for Glory: Woody Guthrie Sings to Hartford
Obituary for Mechanic Street
John Brown and the "Negro in the Dark"
Malcolm X in Hartford
The Labor Holiday
Jay Gould: Octopus of the Wires
The Red Menace
Peace Work with a Union Label
Union Brew
The Shoemaker and the Fish Peddler
No Room at the Inn:

Art is a Hammer
May Day in Hartford
Sam Clemens, Union Man
The Fugitive and the Hero
The Gandhi Strike
Strange Fruit
Automatic Umpire

Ray Adams and Congress Street
Hartford's Sex Trade

Plays Ball
10,000 Call for Peace in Vietnam
Slaves & Free Labor: Lincoln
in Hartford
Heroes & Anti-Heroes
How the Wobblies Won Free Speech
Local Links to Irish Freedom
One, Two,
Many Rosa Parks
Why the Union Vote Matters
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The hidden history of working people
Lessons from the Triangle fire
Howard Zinn Presente!
Rebuilding local Bridges to Cuba
The Tao of
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