Irish Northern Aid Committee
Hartford, Connecticut Unit
Since 1970, Irish Northern Aid has been at the forefront in support of the struggle for freedom, justice, and self-determination for all the people of Ireland.

INA is an American-based non-profit organization. We work to alleviate the suffering of the families of Irish political prisoners.  These prisoners are the most extreme victims of the British occupation in Ireland.
In the Hartford area, INA has brought the message of the struggle for Irish freedom to the Connecticut's people and elected officials.  Over the years, we have played a critical role in helping to mobilize public opinion on behalf of the effort to unite the 32 counties of Ireland and to rid that country of Britain's colonial presence.

In May, 1998, the Hartford Unit hosted the INA's national Annual General Meeting.  Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams spoke to hundreds of meeting participants.
Each year, Hartford Irish Northern Aid organizes fundraising events that support the families of Irish political prisoners.  Events include: a commemoration of  the Bloody Sunday attack on unarmed demonstrators; the Easter memorial to Bobby Sands and the other Hunger Strikers (located on Maple Avenue); marching contingents in the Hartford and New York       St. Patrick's Day Parades; an annual Dinner Dance, Golf Tournament, and concerts.
Hartford INA meetings normally take place on the third
Friday of each month at the Irish American Home in Glastonbury
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Officers of Hartford Irish Northern Aid Committee
Tom McBride, Chairman   Hugh Mullan, Vice Chairman 
Kathy Mullan, Treasurer   Eileen Tracy, Secretary  
Rich Lawlor National INA Vice Chairman
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Report on the 1998 Annual General Meeting hosted by Hartford INA
Gerry Adams at the Hartford AGM meeting in 1998