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Connecticut Council
on Occupational Safety and Health
What is ConnectiCOSH?
We are a non-profit, statewide organization which helps unions, individuals and communities win healthier and safer working and living conditions.  Members include local unions, labor councils, community groups, health and safety activists, and health professionals.  Financial support comes from members' dues, union contributions, grants and fundraising events.

ConnectiCOSH is also a resource center with useful information on a wide range of topics including asbestos, toxic wastes, solvents, video display terminals, reproductive health hazards, physcial hazards (such as carpal tunnel syndrome), among many other issues.  We also have information on health and safety committees and contract language.
ConnectiCOSH is the state's only coalition fighting for safe and healthy workplaces and communities.

Workers and community members have a right to know about the wide variety of hazards facing them.

Workers need to ensure their legal rights to act to protect themselves from workplace hazards.  These rights include the right to refuse dangerous work, and the right to health and safety committees.

Workers and communities must organize in orde to effectively protect their health.

ConnectiCOSH provides support for your right to a healthy future.
ConnectiCOSH can provide you with:

Technical and Legal Support:
-Research on hazards
-Referral to medical services
-Assistance on filing OSHA complaints
-Aid in filing worker compensation claims
-Aid in developing joint health and safety committees

Educational Support
-Training sessions
-Videos, films, fact sheets
-Newsletter, free to members

Action Campaigns
-National Health Care
-Saving and Improving OSHA
-Increasing public awareness of health and safety issues
-Defending the rights and benefits of injured workers
860-953-COSH (2674)
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683 North Mountain Road, Newington, CT 06111